Sapphire Communications Private Ltd

SCPL was Formed in the year 1990 in the town Nasik ( Maharashtra State) India and was majorly working in telecommunication areas such as Installation of U/G Copper Cables to install large Communication System in large Industries / Institutes etc. where intercommunication was required in large numbers.

Gradually they graduated in OFC Cable network between cities and did a major work from the year 2000 to connect different towns/ cities in Maharashtra which included end to end Connectivity with total distance of around 1600 kms of Fibre Length, The activity included Laying of the under ground cable / installation of Data System in between / Splicing of OFC Cable within every 4 kms & maintain the connectivity  between two cities .

SCPL is now venturing into IT Services, Having acquired an existing Facility from Sister Concern, we wish to provide back end services for Clients in USA/EU such as their back end office work / Data Processing / Billing work / Voice Based Services / Customised Software Solutions etc. We have a Team of IT Professional with 20+ Years of Experience & a Project Head who has been in the related Industry for the past 15 years & has been handling a team of approx. 15 IT resources for the past 10 years.

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